Player Two: An Interview with Rasmus Poulsen

6 thoughts on “Player Two: An Interview with Rasmus Poulsen”

  1. I come to this article a couple times a year. It’s so fascinating to see the insight behind one of my favorite games ever made. I am absolutely enamored by its art direction and I don’t think any game has ever come even close to replicating the feelings I had while playing K&L2 or just listening to its haunting soundtrack.

  2. Hey Miguel, do you, by chance, have the original images from the 2010 magazine promotional art from this article? I’ve been dying to find these in a good quality.

    1. Hello Cat, the images came directly from the defunct website of advertising agency JVST. They don’t have a web presence anymore, so I imagine they must have closed or been absorbed by another entity. Most of the images (Content Warning: images of gore/puke) can be accessed through the Wayback Machine here: I also came across another promotional image which I’ve reuploaded to imgur:

      I’ve saved all these images, perhaps for use in another future interview with another member of the Kane & Lynch 2 team. I’ve interviewed Rasmus and Mona Mur already, so perhaps I’ll look to other key figures in the development of this game.

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