Second Shot: A Case for The Order: 1886

To simply inhabit the world of The Order is a pleasure in itself, adorned as it is with a smorgasbord of visual and literary influences that inform our gameplay experience. The aforesaid steampunk aesthetic shines through in the rustic weaponry and analogue gadgets encountered throughout the game. Its alternate history imagery fetishizes a synthesis of … Continue reading Second Shot: A Case for The Order: 1886

Upward and Forever Upward

This kind of inward withdrawal and assemblage takes primary importance in Mountain and Journey, a pair of games that investigate our relationship with nature and how art can lead to the disclosure of ecstatic truths. Mountain, released in 2014 by O’Reilly, is a game about its own means of articulation. Much has been written about its … Continue reading Upward and Forever Upward

Why Are We So Afraid to Walk?

Developers who craft first-person walker games certainly have intended consumers, a demographic I would imagine as the equivalent of cineastes that venerate arthouse films—like Gus Van Sant’s audience, for example. There is a particular kind of mindset necessary when approaching first-person walker games. One must think of these works in relation to one another under … Continue reading Why Are We So Afraid to Walk?

Fast and Furiosa: Notes on Mad Max: Fury Road & Videogames

1. In some ways, this year’s Mad Max: Fury Road idles at a beguiling crossroads in the forward progression of cinema. With director George Miller’s affinity for practical effects shot on location in the deserts of Namibia and the physical, painstakingly choreographed stunt work, Fury Road could easily be considered old school, yet it’s also … Continue reading Fast and Furiosa: Notes on Mad Max: Fury Road & Videogames

Let’s Go Home, Ellie

Perhaps the most affecting AAA title in recent memory, with a tightly wound narrative calcified by solid performances from Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, Naughty Dog’s 2013 effort The Last of Us evinces a cinematic quality often ascribed to games, but rarely interrogated thoroughly. Moreover, I’ll propose now that the game’s plot, organized around seasonal … Continue reading Let’s Go Home, Ellie